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2016 Contest Pipe and Tobacco

The following pipe and tobacco have been chosen to be used in the 2016 UPCA National Smoking Contest.

2016 Contest Pipe - Gigi Billiard

A classic pipe designed by Italian Master Luigi "Gigi" Crugnola in Varese, Italy. This billiard has a rusticated finish and tapered bit.

A. 14 cm / 5.5”

B. 45.5 mm / 1.8”

C. 38 mm / 1.5”

D. 19 mm / .75”

E. 38 mm / 1.5”


2016 Contest Tobacco - UPCA Calumet

UPCA Calumet Tobacco
Calumet is one of five tobaccos developed for the UPCA by McClelland Tobacco.  Named after the Native American peace pipes, it is a "peaceful, mellow, subtly sweet Virginia."  A portion of every purchase of Calumet is donated to the UPCA.
Calumet is available at the following online shops: