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Upcoming Events
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New Pipe Club: Main Street Pipers

Mike "Doc" Garr  | Published on 3/27/2015

New pipe club now forming in West Bend, WI

Mike "Doc" Garr

Smokes On Main at Smokes On Main


Rule number one about Pipe Club... Tell everyone you know about Pipe Club!


SmokesOnMain is proud to host The Main Street Pipers pipe club!


Join the group for an informal meet and greet on Saturday, April 11th from noon until 3:00pm.

The Main Street Pipers pipe club is a group of devoted premium pipe aficionados who will meet on the second Saturday of each month at SmokesOnMain - 2040 South Main Street.


The group will be getting together for the first time on April 11th so that folks can get to know each other, discuss favorite pipes and blends and just generally have fun.

Feel free to join us and bring your pipe smoking friends, the more the merrier