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Report on 2013 World Cup Pipe Smoking Contest

Mike "Doc" Garr  | Published on 11/18/2013

Two American Teams travelled to Poznan, Poland to compete in the 2013 World Club Pipe Smoking Championship held on October 13, 2013. Team A consisted of two-time national champion Chris Karas, national champion Raymond Lykins, and national champion Mike ‘Doc’ Garr. Team B consisted of Roxy Willoughby, the first female to win a regional championship; Rick Willoughby, Roxy’s husband who never before competed in a smoking contest; and Andy Hamilton. The contest pipe was a Mr. Brog and the contest tobacco was Captain Black


Team A placed 14th out of 77 teams and was formally recognized at the prize ceremony as one of the top 20 teams. Individual times were:

Chris                      1h  36m  38s

Doc                        1h  26m  24s

Raymond                 1h  00m  07s


Team B placed 43rd. Individual times were:

            Andy                        1h  10m  47s

            Roxy                         0h  47m  43s

            Rick                          0h  40m  36s


The Corsellini Pipa Club Firenze Team A of Italy came in first place with a combined time of 7h  16m  14s.. Hans Sonderman of the Dutch National Team had the best individual time with 3h 06m 56s. In the female division Erzsebet Sziber of the Kisvaros Pipaklub of Hungary came in with a winning time of 1h  20m  07s.


At the annual meeting of the Comite International des Pipe Clubs (CIPC) a new president was elected. Cornelius Crans of The Netherlands replaces Alain Letulier as president of CIPC. Cor was also selected to be the CIPC representative to the 2014 Chicago pipe show. Mike ‘Doc’ Garr was elected as Vice-President of the Americas. Lebanon petitioned to become a member of the CIPC and was voted in as a new member. The 13th World Championship of Pipesmoking will be held October 12, 2014 in Cologne, Germany.


A number of picture galleries of the all the events at Poznan can be found at


Respectfully submitted,

Mike ‘Doc’ Garr,