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Broken Pipe - Bill Unger NASPC Secretary/Treasurer at age 70

"Glen C" glenclover  | Published on 1/2/2013
Posted by:  "Glen C" glenclover
It is with great sorrow that the North American Society of Pipe Collectors announces the passing of its longtime Secretary/treasurer Bill Unger. Bill passed away quietly on January 1, 2013 from complications of Leukemia.

Many people remember Bill as the gray haired aging hippie manning the microphone through out a NASPC show calling out the names of Raffle winners. Others will remember him as the somewhat curmudgeonly guy at the NASPC table at other shows or in Pipe shops forever extolling the virtues of being a member of NASPC. But most of us will remember him as the friendly gracious pipe smoker who was always willing to chat about most any subject.

However, Bill was much, much more. Coming to Columbus from Illinois in 1960, Bill attended Ohio State on a football scholarship. Though sidelined by a knee injury early in his career, Bill retained his scholarship, and did see some action under the legendary Woody Hayes. He received his BA, and MA in English from Ohio State, and became a lecturer in English at Ohio State. He then returned to the Chicago area, where he worked for Encyclopaedia Brittanica and met his lovely future wife Pam. Bill and Pam then returned to Columbus to pursue their respective doctorates. Always the quintessential hippie, he loved his folk music, especially Bob Dylan, and got great joy in talking tunes to those who'd listen.

An accomplished author and editor, Bill operated the Acme Writing Company in Columbus for many years. He wrote the book As Individual as a Thumbprint: The Custom-Bilt Pipe Story. He is survived by his wife of 44 years, Pam, dog, Stanley, and more friends than can ever be imagined.

Rest well Bill, and give our regards to Tracy Mincer.

The North American Society of Pipe Collector's